Recovery seed backup

Secure, stealth, easy to use and completely free
Easy to create

Only a center punch tool is needed to create the backup


Any seed length stored at any size of metal sheet

Durable & secure

Undestroyable and not easy to read without reading paper

How can you backup the seed?

What you need

  • metal card (sheet) of any size
  • center punch tool
  • printer

ℹ️ You can buy center punch tool for approx. 2 EUR in any hardware store. If you do not have printer, just visit copy-center.

Create seed backup

  • Use the generator and print generate punch stencil.
  • Attach the stencil on your steel cards. Use a glue or a tape.
  • Mark seed on card by the center punch tool.

How can you backup the seed?

What you need

  • Use the generator and print generated read-stencil
  • Cut red guideline and insert the backup card.
  • Move the card following guidelines and read each seed character.

ℹ️ Another way to read the backup is just overlay card with punch-stencil printed on transparent paper.

Where you can get steel cards and center punch tool?

You can buy a center punch tool as well as a piece of metal sheet at your local HW store for 2~3 EUR. If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your couch Amazon / AliExpress is always your good friend.